Friday, March 10, 2017

Saudi Woman dies, her expat driver claims millions of Riyals Inheritance

A Pakistani driver claimed to be the husband of a Saudi businesswoman who was a millionaire and filed a case of inheritance after his sponsor lady's death.  According to the report in a daily local newspaper of Jeddah, the man married to his former sponsor and submitted documents as evidence to the court in the coastal city of Jeddah. The Pakistani driver who did not disclose his name stated to the court that he was hoping to get his inheritance amount in cash which could be possible after the sale of the properties of his departed wife. The documents submitted to the court by the driver specified that he worked many years under her sponsorship, and then got married and lived together in her house.

Although, there was a pretty much big difference noticed between the Pakistani driver and his deceased wife. He also married again and his second wife is a Pakistani national. Regarding the differences between them, the driver revealed the fact that he did not divorce his Saudi wife and this gives him full authority to inherit her property after her death. Besides this, the family of the Saudi businesswoman sued the Pakistani driver that he was responsible for her death. He did not take care of her health and this led to her death. The family said that they have strong supporting evidence which proves that the Pakistani driver is responsible for her death. Despite all these facts, there are certain terms and conditions issued last month by the government of Saudi Arabia for Saudi women who marry and have non-Saudi husbands.  The conditions were officially set up just for the protection of Saudi women to avoid exploitation reports. Recommended: 17 conditions proposed for expats who want to marry Saudi Nationals

If a Saudi woman plans to marry any non-Saudi or a foreigner, the age difference between them should not be more than 10 years. However, there is some relaxation of ages noticed in special cases in which the woman has some physical disability or needs some special care which includes born to unidentified parents. In all such special cases, the minimum age is less than 30 and should be at least 27, approved by the ministry of social affairs.

Foreigner in Saudi-Arabia cannot hold a Saudi wife if he is married already or was previously married to a Saudi woman. He must also show his certificate as evidence which reflects that he has no criminal record in the past from his native country and   Saudi Arabia. He must also submit documents which verify that he is not suffering from any genetic disorder or infectious disease.

He should not be a member of the military in a foreign country or should not be counted in the list of banned persons who can't enter Saudi Arabia.  Monthly earning should be at least 5,000 Saudi Riyals with a valid residence permit. He must be cleared from all compulsory security checks which Saudi authorities officially set.  Marrying to Saudi woman also does not give any guarantee that their children or the person himself get Saudi citizenship.

Source: Gulf News

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