Thursday, March 16, 2017

The dark side of Dubai that they DON'T want tourists to see

Some photos circulating on social media are taken by an Iranian photographer, showing the stressful lives of South Asian workers who visit Dubai in search of job and to have a bright future and support their families but they end up being sad with low pay and hard life working in harsh temperatures. The person who took the photos is Farhad Berahman and the photos were clicked in Sonapur. The city of Dubai situated far away from the main city at the border of United Arab Emirates. In Hindi language, Sona means Gold and Pur means City- ‘the City of Gold’. More than 150,000 laborers are living there and most of them are from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and China.

In olden days, Dubai was a desert but it has shown great development and growing fast to become one of the main trading and visiting places for tourists. Dubai is growing and wealth. In Dubai, people belong to one of the three different classes: first one is Emiratis the second one is the expats and the third one is workers or low-class people.  Many people in Dubai do not have their passports with them. It is usually taken at the airport as soon they reach Dubai and then they are forced to work in the city for long hours in burning heat and they are paid low. A 27-year-old worker is doing a job for the past four years as a sweeper and per month he gets 800 AED (£139) from which 500 AED (£87) he transfers to his family to Bangladesh. Jahangir, a worker, told this to Farhad during their conversation with each other.

He also told that the workers are forced to work 14 hours daily and in summer the temperature reaches more than 50C to which they don’t show leniency. On the other hand, the normal citizens hardly stay out for 5 minutes in summers. Farhad visited the place where all these workers live. He said that the accommodation is 12ft by 12ft and contains six beds where six to eight workers are living. The food in the kitchen is usually cooked using gas cylinders in a very bad condition. A Chinese worker showed Farhad a message which he has subjected to his company demanding them to pay his salary for 4 months and let him go home because his contract was finished. 

Nobody knows the dark side of Dubai where workers are facing a lot of problems because it is out of sight from media.  When Farhad decided to take the photos, he did not get authorization because these places are banned for public and UAE does not want to show this side of their country. He captured the photos at night when it was easier to hide from security. When he started meeting workers, he came to know that they feared him in the beginning.

They thought that he was an agent of the government. Farhad said that these photos will speak for themselves; there is no need of explaining these photos. These photos will make people think what is going on around them and will encourage them to help the suffering class.

Source: Daily Mail

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