Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Ministry pays SR 250,000 to a prisoner for keeping him 11 months in Jail

Recently, there is a story reported about an imprisoned man who served extra eleven months in prison than his appointed punishment by the respective court of Saudi Arabia. The Ministry of justice released the imprisoned man by giving him a heavy compensatory amount. The reason of giving compensatory cash to him by the Ministry of justice was that he spent more duration than his appointed sentenced imprisonment which was 11 months, almost near to one year. Spending eleven months in detention is basically unlawful from every aspect. The ministry of justice could not possibly return his eleven months back but they repaid him by handing over an amount of SR 250,000 which is equivalent to $66,660.

Extra duration of Eleven months imprisonment definitely left a physical and psychological damage on the person affecting his health terribly and pressurizing psychologically. Time is the most important fact and reality and once it passes, it cannot come back. Time can't be replaced by anything and would not return. The most important and precious thing in the whole world is time. We should respect others time in the way we respect our time. However, a compensatory step taken by Ministry of justice is positive for his rehabilitation who suffered extra eleven months in confinement without any further crime.   The main question rises on this whole story that why was there a need to offer compensation as if the case was handled or dealt by considering all the legal facts and case time limits, which could vary and depend upon the nature of the case. Making case proceedings long or in pending sounds like an unhealthy justice format.

Eleven months unlawful incarceration resulted due to a wrong procedure or procedural error made by the judicial department at the Penal Court located in the Holy city of Saudi Arabia, Makkah. This prolonged case procedure in judicial department caused a delay in considering the case which consumed eleven months of the ex-prisoner. According to an Arabic newspaper, the ex-prisoner already finished 180 days of his sentenced punishment which was about six months. 

The Ministry of Justice in Saudi Arabia holds a strong responsibility to deal and administrate cases or matters which is related to the judiciary, the law or the courts provide provision of legal services to all Saudi citizens.  The judicial department at the Penal Court who is responsible for governing all the cases in the Kingdom stated that the Ministry of Justice must pay him the compensatory amount for his time loss along with mental and physical damage which won’t return at any cost.  

The ex-prisoner already finished his six months punishment which was charged on him for a case of drug-peddling. Drug peddler is basically a person who is a drug dealer or drug trafficker.  Ex-prisoner then filled a case against the Makkah Prisons department, but the representatives of the department in penal court proceedings proved that it did not receive any official release order or statement by the ministry of justice.

Source: Arab News

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