Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Traffic Terrorism is 62 times more deadly in Saudi Arabia than the Terrorism

Traffic terrorism in Saudi Arabia is more deadly than the Terrorism. Every year, 6,200 people die due to traffic accidents as compare to less than 100 people who die due to terrorist attacks. Traffic terrorism exists in majority of the Arab cities but it is very sad when we speak about Saudi Arabian regions, Riyadh is facing the most destruction from this fact.  According to the information reported by the General Authority for Statistics in 2015, the number of traffic accidents in Riyadh was more than 145,000 in one year which is by the way greater than the rest of Riyadh’s administrative regions. Daily we hear about shocking incidents that kill young generation, ladies and men. These people don’t have enough knowledge and did not receive correct brought up by their parents.

In Saudi Arabia, there is an automatic arrangement for the supervision of traffic known as Saher cameras which covers the major cities. But these camera systems also failed in handling and warning some crazy people. Recently, there was a case; many people observed that a group of irresponsible drivers were drifting their cars at a very high speed in the middle of cars that were moving slowly and safely in one of the Riyadh’s street. Saher cameras did not help. Rash driving or drifting cars causes shocking accidents on daily basis.  In yesterdays, news it was reported that in a car accident on Al-Janadriyah road, East of Riyadh, six people were killed from one family and one was dangerously wounded.

On the Shaqaraa-Riyadh road, a car accident happened in which Dr Salman al-Ouda’s wife and son were killed a few days ago. In the Eastern region, director of al-Jouf University, Dr Ismail bin Mohammed Al-Bishri’s five sons, were also killed in a terrible car accident.  This problem is not only faced by Saudi Arabia or only Arab countries, it is a universal problem. But reality is that Saudi Arabia is suffering more from this problem. This can be prevented by little efforts, with the use of technology but no one is paying attention towards this problem. Not all mishaps are avoidable but there are some points which can help us in preventing such accidents with fewer damages. Every driver should follow these points:

  • Move according to road conditions.
  • Move slower when the climate is bad.
  • Keep your automobile in good mechanical condition.
  • Wear your seatbelt. Not only do seatbelts keep you protected in an accident, it will help you avoid accidents as well.
  • Watch out at intersections as many accidents happen here.
  • Maintain a distance from 18-wheelers.
  • Use your signals correctly. Always use your signal, even if you think no one is there.  
  • Always maintain your speed limit even if you see every other car violating it.
  • Avoid driving after consuming alcoholic beverages.
  • No matter how slowly traffic is moving, keep your cars at some distance from the car moving ahead of you.

Source: Al Arabiya

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