Sunday, April 16, 2017

The story of SINTA brought tears in my Eyes - Part 2

This is part 2 of the story which we started early on. If you want to read other parts of the story, click on the links below
Sinta was so true to her job that she put all her efforts to recover Mama Ameenah’s health. Soon she developed a routine which would allow here to give mama maximum of her time. She would be cautious all day so that all of Mama’s needs and requirement were met. Thereby she herself hosted mama all day and all night long and would simply refuse any other nurse’s help.  It looked like Sinta’s every moment was devoted for Mama. She would prepare everything before doctor’s round in the morning. So much so that the doctors started to stray from mama’s room, they would skip checkups: they knew the patient was being nursed very keenly by Sinta.

But mama was in critical need of medical assistance: Sinta was a house maid not a doctor. Mama’s health was a serious matter: she should have been given physical therapy and mobilization to avoid bed sores and stiffening of joints. She was admitted in hospital for proper checkup and medical assistance. Yet doctors would either skip her or would not give her due importance. Neither the poor old lady was given any therapies! I bet mama’s condition would have improved a lot if doctors would have been responsible by allocating proper time and checkups. The old lady at years of paralysis did not suffer from bed sores! Not a miracle though: it is all credited to Sinta’s tireless efforts.  However, her joints got stiffed and caused her pain: indeed, the doctors are responsible for it!

The poor patient in state of paralysis could not tell what she needed nor the doctors wanted to know. They were satisfied that Sinta was there for her. The paralyzed patient was conscious or not: it is not confirmed though, nevertheless Sinta was assured that Mama could hear and feel, but her paralysis did not allowed to express herself. She knew that the human was alive and required help as she could not move at all. Sinta wanted to make mama feel that she was alive: she would sit by mama and hold her hand in hers. She would tap the hand and talk to mama.

Sinta believed that mama was listening every word of hers, as though she was awake and could feel everything.  Sinta was very much convinced of it because she observed that mama would often respond with her eyes.  Mama was aware when Sinta arrived or left: she would open her eyes and tried all her best to look at the door. Sinta wanted to make her more responsive and would often ask her to close and blink the eye: even though it was merely successful but Sinta never lost hope and kept on trying.

Sinta would spend all day in the room: she was equipped with a couch and a small table at one corner of the room. She had some friend nurses who were Malaysian. They would have a chat because of no linguistic barriers and would share meals. Yet most nurses did not like Sinta at all. They would mind when they were assigned mama’s room just because of Sinta’s presence there.  This attitude which was common among most of the nurses was out of my thinking! What had Sinta done, the poor soul hadn’t provided any harm to them! Why would they hate her so much?


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