Sunday, April 16, 2017

The story of SINTA brought tears in my Eyes - Part 3

This is part 3 of the story which we started early on. If you want to read other parts of the story, click on the links below
Sinta was a great person, I would often chat with her: she was supportive and there was a spark in her personality. We would often laugh while communicating because mostly we could not understand each other. Even though I had developed my Saudi language skills, yet they were not so good and we would end up using gestures and sign language to communicate. She was very positive, even though she did not have a good experience with Saudis, she would always support me when it came to my marriage. Where everyone stopped me from marrying my Saudi husband to be, she was there to support me.

It was her positivity that gave me the strength when others would just bash Saudi men and let my moral down! She was very much hopeful about my marriage life. She was also excited about my future life: she expressed her desire to become my housemaid after I had children. She even suggested that they could find a new maid for Mama.  Anyone would believe it to be a kind gesture, but most probably Sinta was looking for an escape. She was planning to leave the house she was working. She had concerns for mama as well. Helpless she was, but hopeful at the same time. It occurred to me but I wasn’t much equipped with sponsors changing procedure in kingdom. Why Sinta would be thinking to leave the sponsor even though she had developed affiliation with Mama? Well, her life and tasks weren’t easy: to host a paralyzed person day to night isn’t easy at all. She had no leave; yes, not a single leave or a day off in years!

She was being paid only 600 Saudi Riyals a month with loads of work. Her passport was with the sponsor and she had no escape.  She was handed a cell phone without any credit so that she won’t remain connected with anyone. She was a ‘prisoner’ in the hospital. She had only two or three dresses which she would wash and rotate. I pity her: that was what consisted of her entire wardrobe! Her health was falling because of her hectic routine. The family was so busy in God knows what that they would visit once a week and would bash Sinta.

They were never thankful to her rather would just complain her upon her work. I got furious and once asked to keep a nurse that would rotate shifts with Sinta as Sinta’s health was being affected. She was a human being not a robot that didn’t need rest at all! I tried to convince them that if Sinta became ill who would take care of mama, but all my efforts were in vain. I knew they were financially strong enough to hire a part time maid but either it was their laziness or what that they would not hire a maid that would shift duties with Sinta.

I started to feel bad for the poor soul so I would often give her some healthy food, some beauty products, would recharge credit in her cell phone so she could remain in contact with her family. I would do certain small kind gestures to cheer her up, but I was never expecting nurses to get jealous. They started to develop envy for Sinta so much so that gifting a pair of old shoes would become a great deal for them.  They would taunt her while inquiring where she had gotten the stuff I gave. God knows why they got annoyed of things I gave her and time we spent together.  I could not understand anyone. Why didn’t they have a soft corner in their hearts for Sinta? Why were they so jealous and envious with her? Her life was miserable, her routine was tiring, her health was falling and no one cared! But whatever people said didn’t matter to me; I devoted time for Sinta and developed a friendship with her.


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