Monday, April 17, 2017

The story of SINTA brought tears in my Eyes - Part 4

This is part 4 of the story which we started early on. If you want to read other parts of the story, click on the links below

Even though Sinta and I belong to different nations, we have a different culture and were different in many ways; we did develop a bond among us. Even though we had different languages, we connected strongly. It occurred to me as if I knew Sinta since long. I could feel her pain and joys. We were close to each other despite our differences.  I knew she was working tirelessly to send some money at home, so I started to give her some cash which she would save and send back home. I tried to cheer her up on Eid by giving her some extra money and fancy jellabiya. But I was shocked when I was questioned by head nurse for financially supporting Sinta and spending time with her. I noticed that complaints were lodged by other nurses out of envy.

The spinster daughter would also envy Sinta, which I could never understand why! I mean why would a rich girl be jealous of a poor maid? On her visit, once a week or so, she would investigate Sinta’s closet! Sinta was in hospital 24 hours a day, what would she be having in her closet? Why was she even concerned about her assets? What was the daughter looking for? She even took away the perfume and a dress that I had once gifted Sinta. She accused Sinta of stealing and took away the things. This gave me a shock! I was amazed at treatment Sinta was being offered by the family.  In return for such a horrible treatment, Sinta would remain loyal to her job.  The way she took care of mama neglecting her health speaks for it. Whenever the family members came to a visit, Sinta was greeted with anger and complaints so much so that Sinta had developed a fear of them.

She would not come out of the room so that no one would complain that she had neglected the patient and was taking a break. She would not take short walks in the corridor either, she was afraid to be scolded by the family members and relatives of mama.  So, coming out of room in the day time was out of the question for Sinta, however, I suggested that she shall venture out at night while I would attend her patient. This somehow cheered her up and this was only outing she had in years! She continued this routine for three years! Not going outside in day time, she kept herself prisoned in the room for more than three years. She had not felt the fresh air; the refreshing feel of breathing fresh air; she had not experienced sunlight striking the cheeks and its warmth.

She had not seen the trees and birds chirping around it. She had missed this all for so many years! So, one day I forced her to get out of the room in a day time while reaching the cafeteria she was frightened to look at people and when she reached out, she was much delighted. She was so joyful that she started to cry. She was amazed to eat the ice-cream I offered as though she was eating it for the very first time. I was so happy to see her delighted that I wished she never stepped in a hospital again. Her health had seriously been affected. She had gained weight because of her years of imprisonment and her blood pressure remained high.  Her unhealthy diet remained unchanged even upon educating her on it. Once she went through a mild stroke because of her high Blood pressure. The stroke caused her left half of her face paralyzed.

The serious health issues alarmed the family: who would take care of Mama if Santa wouldn’t! They were so frightened with the thought that Mama’s daughter accompanied Sinta to have her CT scan on a wheelchair; they called for best test and treatment for Sinta! They were not concerned for Sinta, they were concerned for Mama! With all the prolong miseries Sinta still didn’t run away, she had affiliations with Mama and a pure heart which did not allow her to leave the poor old lady. It was easy to escape from the hospital, but she never chose to do it!


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