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The story of SINTA brought tears in my Eyes - Part 6

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Her approach was so practical, she advised me to pray. She told me that she would pray every day for her betterment. She advised me to send to be in-laws some gifts to soften their hearts. I did send a bracelet through my fiancĂ© for his mother, but it was rejected. I told this to Sinta with a broken heart but she gave me strength that things will be better soon. After a year, when I was still in the same situation, she told me to travel: leave the place for a while. And when I did go for a 3-month short world tour, it gave me positive vibes. My worries were gone for a while; I felt relaxed and could think in new and better direction.  Surprisingly things turned out to be much better after my return.

I felt bad for Sinta on my return: she had been still in the same ward hosting Mama. Both health’s had deteriorated than before. Mama was paralyzed and her brain had been almost dead. There are bacteria in the hospital which is dangerous for such patients.  Unhygienic practices also cause these bacteria to get strong and cause severe effects.  Mama was safe from such infections earlier because of Sinta’s tireless efforts.  With the advent of Super-bacterial infection on mama and random seizures, Sinta terms of prison became harsher. She was now not even allowed to walk in hallways or step out of the ward! Poor Sinta had no fault at all. She told me that nurses would leave some medicines in the feeding tube. They were careless in cleaning the tube properly. Mostly the piece of medicine would be seen at the bottom of the syringe.

Sinta, being a responsible attendant did complaint about it. But no one was ready to believe her. Who would respect and believe an uneducated foreign maid? After her complaints, she was told not to interfere and leave it to the professionals! So, she kept quiet and did what she was told to. I had to leave her alone in this state because of my maternity leave. She was so sad to hear about my short departure. I did promise her that I will soon reunite with her. She told me that she would be assisting me for the baby, but we would both laugh because we knew it wouldn’t happen. Even when I left the ward, I would come for visits but soon abandon them for Sinta’s sake. I observed that the staff didn’t like it, I did not want to cause trouble to Sinta because of my visits. I did not want anyone to envy her.

After few months I heard about passing away of Mama Ameenah. The poor soul got a severe convulsion and was admitted to ICU. After being admitted she died shortly. What happened to Sinta is really a mystery. I believe she was sent home when the patient was admitted to ICU, as attendants are not allowed there. I did try to contact her, but her cell phone is turned off. No staff member knew where Sinta went, not even the ward housekeeper who was her friend! I do drop text on the number, but still waiting for the reply from the other end! The phone gets on for a while, but nobody receives my calls or replies to my text. I guess the number has been passed on to someone else.

Let’s just hope that Sinta’s life had turned towards betterment. The death of Mama should have softened the hearts of the family and they shall have let Sinta go and reunite with her loved ones. I hope they had realized Sinta’s effort and be kind to her! I hope Mama’s death turned out to be a miracle for Sinta’s life. Hope to meet her without her miseries and worries! Hope she is fine and healthy!

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