Monday, April 17, 2017

The story of SINTA brought tears in my Eyes - Part 5

This is part 5 of the story which we started early on. If you want to read other parts of the story, click on the links below
Even though the hospital and medical team were neglecting Ameenah, the family would charge Sinta for this. They would attribute the falling health of the mama Ameenah towards Sinta. The family was even reluctant to take their mother home for a home-based nurse care. This would have been better from the health point of view as she would have been provided with a better atmosphere: lying in a dark hospital room is not healthy. One needs to feel the fresh air, people standing by giving hope and happening around: these are the catalyst for health and recovery. God knows why the family was so reluctant to take their mother home! Looking at the patient’s condition from the medical and ethical point of view, having her lying in this small dark hospital room was the worst thing they could have done to their mother.

An Indonesian housemaid, Sinta was the sitter at the hospital. Even though she came to the Kingdom as a housemaid, yet none of the Spinster family members was ready to be a sitter. They would not even attend their mother for few hours. They were busy in their lives and would come once a week or so and that for a limited time. This kind of treatment affected the health of both Sinta and Mama badly. If any of the family members volunteered to be a sitter, Sinta could have gotten free time for rest and Mama could have been feeling better because one needs one’s own in this state of health.  Even though Sinta herself suffered a mild stroke, she was serving Mama at the same old routine. A few concerned shown towards Sinta by the family was just because they feared to lose a permanent sitter.

She sat in the hospital taking care of mama for years; she hadn’t stepped out of the hospital even once! The family would not allow her to go back home and take few days off even once in a couple of years!  But she was hopeful, for herself and others. I never saw her broken. She was so supportive that it amazed me. With such a miserable life, there she was with a smile.  She never complains of anything; she never spoke something bad about anyone. She would never say something which would reflect her miseries.  

She had such a bad experience with Saudis, yet she supported me throughout when I was to marry a Saudi guy. She supported me from the very beginning. She and I knew each other for 4 years; she knew how I met my husband and how difficult it was to get married.  Neither I was supported by any friends nor was his family ready to accept me. It took more than a year to convince them, but not a single time Sinta let me broke (emotionally).

We have gone through a lot. My fiancĂ© was not getting the permission to marry me. They threaten him that they would disown him. My in-laws were reluctant to make me the part of their family.  Except for Sinta, no one gave me hope. Rather the only advice people gave was to leave him I was wasting my time!


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