Tuesday, June 6, 2017

How the boycott of Qatar by 6 Arab Countries affects a normal Saudi resident?

On Monday, 5th June 2017, Saudi Arabia and 6 other Arab states announced the end of the diplomatic ties with the Gulf state, Qatar. The decision was taken on different grounds after carefully observing the activities of Doha’s authorities. The states also have announced that they will close borders (sea, land, and water) with Qatar, would not allow Qatari citizens to reside and would not allow their citizens visit Qatar.  As much as the news itself was shocking and disturbing, the Qatar crises had left the people curious and disturbed as well. A lot many questions have arisen in the mind of the people that shall be answered. Here are some queries and their answers that shall be handy for you! Recommended: KSA with 5 countries terminate all relations with Qatar including flights, visa, border and embassy

Have a flight to Qatar on Monday and Tuesday, can I go? Well, people might be lucky to go from Saudi Arabia to Qatar on Monday. However, the flight operations from the Kingdom to Qatar shall be suspended since Tuesday. The carriers shall be refunding the flight's money to the people or shall rebook a flight to another country. However, as per the instruction of Saudi government, people will not be allowed to move from Saudi Arabia to Qatar. Qatar Airways, however, have not given any statement yet.

Have booked a flight that transit through Doha, can I avail it after Monday? Wait and watch guys. As this is issue new of its kind, we shall wait for things to be clear. However, the Qatar Airways had announced that it has suspended all its flights to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for now. It is better to wait for a while and let the situation calm a bit.

What shall I do, I am a national of Qatar? The Qatari nationals residing in the kingdom are given 14 days to leave the kingdom for precautionary security reasons. As no flights, shall be operated from Kingdom to Qatar, book a flight to a third country first. You can opt to go to Kuwait or Oman. Kuwait and Oman are the two Gulf States who have so far not taken any action about the diplomatic ties with Qatar.

A tourist with a Qatari visa on a visit to Saudi Arabia, shall I be worried? Well yes. You also have 14 days to leave the kingdom. The same rules are applicable to you!
A Saudi citizen who wants to fly through Qatar. Can I? Well, no. the citizens of Saudi Arabia are not allowed to visit or even fly through Qatar. You will have to abandon your plans! Recommended: Saudis are banned to travel these 7 countries

Can I apply for a visa through the Qatari Embassy in Saudi Arabia? This question cannot be answered yet. We believe that the Qatar embassy operating in Saudi Arabia shall call off their operations soon. As in Abu Dhabi Qatari embassy, the staff reported that they were closed on Monday and that people shall try the next day! The staff there was doubtful about the future operations. We tried to answer all the relevant queries, but one shall wait for matters to be clear!

Source: Gulf News


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